• 1678
    Frozen Rat Large 251-350g
  • 99
    Frozen Rat Lge Weaner 51-80g (100 Pack)
  • 113
    Frozen Rat X-Large 350g (100 Pack)
  • 2260
    Frozen Rat Sml Weaner 26-50g
  • 96
    Frozen Rat Large 251-350g (2Pack)
  • 91
    Frozen Rabbit X-Large 3kg+
  • 80
    Frozen Mice Pinkies 3-4g (100 pinkies)
  • 2246
    Frozen Day Old Chicks
  • 73
    Frozen Mice Medium 16-22g (10)
  • 167
    Live Locust Medium 12-20mm Tub of 25
  • 31
    Brown Crickets Med approx 8-12mm Bag of 500
  • 2272
    Brown Crickets Small/Med approx 6-8mm
  • 2006
    Giant Mealworm prepack
  • 14358
    ProRep Jelly Pots Strawberry Flavour 8 Pack Blister Pack
  • 252
    Vetark ACE-HIGH 50g
  • 253
    Vetark ARKVITS 50grm
  • 27
    Brown Crickets Ex ExLarge approx 20-30mm Tub of 25
  • 1954
    Brown Crickets Standard (12-18mm)
  • 2209
    Zoo Med Natural Iguana Food Juvenile Formula
  • 119
    Giant Mealworm prepack 1kg 40-60mm
  • 332
    Zoo Med Reptivite without D3 226.8g
  • 193
    Lucky Reptile Herp Diner Shrimps Small
  • 1952
    Brown Crickets Med (8-12mm)
  • 53
    Exo Terra Multiple Vitamins 30g
  • 2334
    T-Rex Tortoise Dry Formula Food
  • 229
    ProRep Bug Grub 1KG
  • 266
    Zoo MEd Aquatic Shrimp, Crab, Lobster Food 71grm
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Reptile Bedding | Reptile Substrate | Reptile Bark | Spider Substrates

Reptile Bedding & Reptile Substrate - The enviroment reptiles are kept in is key to the health and wellbeing, you should provide the correct bedding and substrates for your chosen reptile.
If new to the hobby read some books on your chosen pet which should point you in the right direction, but basically desert reptiles require a dry terrain such as sand, grit and rocks, whilst reptiles which come from forest or jungles will generally prefer a more humid enviroment. We have a wide selection of substrates for you to choose from, if unsure which substrate you require please feel free to call for advice.

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